Best cheap Chromebooks Under 200 Dollars (2018 Updated)

Chromebook is basically a type of laptop but the only difference, which makes it stand away from the crowd is that Instead of Mac operating system or Windows Operating system, the Chromebooks runs on the Operating System of the Google’s Chrome. Often people think about buying Chromebooks, which can perform better or at least the same as the other laptops. Chromebook is not different otherwise. Here we are going to discuss the Best cheap Chromebooks under 200 dollars. Often the idea behind buying Chromebook confuse people as they are unsure about the performance and working of this new product. Further, you will read about the top 10 best and cheap Chromebook, which will not cost you much. They are under 200 dollars and one can easily buy them. Here is the list along with the reviews of the best cheap Chromebooks under 200 dollars, which will definitely help you and guide you for your further purchasing.

Our Opinion on Chromebooks under 200 dollars

Chromebook is a great source to access information, watch a movie, play games or do anything which you can do on a computer. The Best cheap Chromebooks under 200 dollars are easily available in the electronic market, in the online stores on the Internet and you can also directly buy them from the Google store. These Chromebooks are comparatively much cheaper than the regular laptops and the price difference between the least expensive laptop and a Chromebook is approximately 200 dollars. This is a huge difference, as the price and cost of the most basic laptops is double as the Chromebooks. Read on to find out more.

Should you buy Chromebooks for 200 dollars?

There are actually several reasons which can make you buy a Chromebook, but ultimately, purchasing something literally depends on your needs and requirements and with the possibility that whether a particular product can fulfill those needs or not. Chromebooks are easy to carry and use and if you are not a gamer or a person who has to deal with heavy applications, then you can choose Chromebooks. Although, the Chromebooks are totally capable to handle many intense programs and applications.

Best cheap Chromebooks under 200 dollars

There are several Chromebooks are available in the market. The best cheap Chromebooks under 200 dollars are here. They are built in a way to deliver the best services. The best thing about the Chromebooks under this category is that they are incredibly cheap in price and give an appropriate performance to the user. The interface is also friendly and better speed and memory makes it much amusing to use the Chromebooks. These Chromebooks are suitable for kids, students, and adults for an efficient use.

How we picked and tested?

We have picked these Chromebooks on the basis of the different tests which our technicians have performed on them in order to understand the abilities and features of the Chromebooks under 200 dollars. This product is available in different configurations and it bestows different functionalities, which are there to serve the needs of the customers. A proper research on the variety of Chromebooks, under this price category, were considered and we have picked the best companies. We have evaluated the features and technologies used in these Chromebooks and picked them. These Chromebooks will definitely fulfill your needs at a cheap price of 200 dollars.

Why trust us?

We have mentioned earlier that we have technicians who test these products. We take assistance these technicians who are experts and knows how a Chromebook should work and perform operations. The Chromebooks have great features which make them a favorite of the professionals also. So, keep your faith in us, as we always desire to please you and provide you with the best information and the best products.

Editor’s Opinion: Best cheap Chromebooks under 200 dollars

The Chromebooks are a great way to learn anything on the computer. They are easy to use and from a small kid to an old person, anybody can use them effortlessly and easily. They are so budget friendly and will not cut a slack from your pocket when you buy these Chromebooks.

Top 1; ASUS Chromebook C202SA-YS02 11.6″ Ruggedized and Water-Resistant Design with 180 Degree (Intel Celeron 4 GB, 16GB eMMC) Review

ASUS is a trusted game when it comes to buying electronics be it a phone or a laptop. It has also started the manufacturing and production of the Chromebooks which is a great new. The ASUS Chromebook has the reliability of the unbeatable brand, with the amazing and robust hardware. This Chromebook is absolutely reliable and does not require much servicing. This is definitely a low maintenance product. This product has edges, wrapped with rubber, to provide safety to the corners. It has also passed a drop test, so the hardware is completely reliable. It has an amazing design and structure with an outstanding battery backup, which can last up to 10 hours.


  • Almost unbreakable set and it has passed drop tests.
  • The 180-degree-hinge of this Chromebook makes it so special
  • The ASUS Chromebook has an innovative spill-resistant keyboard.
  • Battery life is long, so without any worries, you can take it anywhere.
  • It has an Anti-glare display, with 4 Gb of Ram and speeds up to 2.48GHz.


  • The only demerit of this Chromebook is that it is not a touchscreen.

Bottom Line

This product is amazing, and it has many reasons why it is at the top of the list. This is simply the best buy when it comes to the best cheap Chromebooks under 200 dollars, this product is definitely a steal. You don’t need a touchscreen when the keyboard is spill proof.

Top 2; Acer Flagship CB3-532 15.6″ HD Premium Chromebook – Intel Dual-Core Celeron N3060 up to 2.48GH.z, 2GB RAM, 16GB SSD, Wireless AC, HDMI, USB 3.0, Webcam, Chrome OS (Certified Refurbished) Review

This Acer Flagship Chromebook is a great product and all types of the refurbished process such as testing, inspection, cleaning, and repackaging have already been performed on this product. The objective was to make the product dauntless and beneficial. This product has the standard sized screen of 15.6 inches with an appropriate HD display. The screen is totally anti-glare, so your eyes won’t suffer. The laptop has one of the best anti-glare screens you can get in the Chromebook ranges. This product delivers high-performance with the Intel Celeron Dual-core 1.6GHz processor which can boost up to 2.48GHz. This product is just what you can buy and use easily for various purposes.


  • The totally tested product which went through all the process to be dauntless.
  • Display of this product has High-resolution.
  • The Acer Chromebook has also a WLED Backlight Display.
  • Flash SSD of 16GB, which is totally acceptable.
  • Surprisingly, it has pretty great speakers
  • Sturdy and gorgeous aluminum shell makes its design unique and stylish.


  • The keyboard is quite hard to use, as the plastic is tough.

Bottom Line

This Chromebook is one of the best product which you can buy for under 200 dollars. In such a small amount you will get a stylish and designer Chromebook, which has good speed and capacity. It has great performance and if you are a music lover, you will definitely love it for its upward-facing stereo speakers, for superb sound.

Top 3; Acer Chromebook 14, Aluminum, 14-inch Full HD, Intel Celeron Quad-Core N3160, 4GB LPDDR3, 32GB, Chrome, CB3-431-C3WS Review

The Acer Chromebook 14 provides all the necessary applications and functionalities, which are required by a user. This Chromebook can be used by anyone for a variety of purposes. This is definitely great for fulfilling the various needs of a user. The applications on the Chromebook lets you convert the Microsoft Office files into Google Docs, slides and sheets. This is an all-purpose laptop, which can serve your all needs. It has an Internal storage of 32Gb with Intel quad-core processor that can boost up to 2.24GHz. The product has in-build HD graphics and 4GB RAM, which is quite impressive. The battery can also last up to good 12 hours.


  • Long battery life, so reliable at this point.
  • The build and structure of this Chromebook is very robust, good and of eminent quality.
  • This Chromebook is definitely a product which is so much capacity, and it has great value.
  • RAM capacity is up to the mark.


  • The screen is not that great.
  • The options for the full HD screen can cost you a fortune.

Bottom Line

The Acer Chromebook 14 is definitely a good option for those who want to buy a Chromebook. It has a good capacity of Ram and long battery life, which shows the proficiency of the product. Along with this, the structure and the body of this product is also very strong. The aluminum chassis makes it more powerful and robust.

Top 4; Samsung Chromebook 3, 11.6″, 4GB RAM, 16GB eMMC, Chromebook (XE500C13-K04US) Review

Dell has always been a reliable name for the laptops. This laptop has reliable processing, as it consists of the Intel Core i5 with a setup of quadcore. This ensures that the gamer can play the heavy games. So, the loading and running time of the game is also less, this laptop makes the processing quick and fast. It has a normal screen size, but which laptop hasn’t? However, do not focus on the screen size, but the qualities and features. The anti-glare screen will give a calm and soothing experience to both the gaming and your eyes, making the display comfortable and suitable for all.


  • The screen of this Chromebook is nice and bright, providing a good display.
  • Battery life of this Samsung Chromebook is up to the mark.
  • Processing speed and performance is the essence of this product.
  • The RAM is of solid 4GB, good for the price.


  • The speaker is muddy.
  • Bottoms of the Chromebook runs warm sometimes.
  • The button layout of this Chromebook is quite funny.

Bottom Line

This Samsung Chromebook Dell Inspiron is a magnificent choice, its like, take the game, where ever you roam. It has a lavish design, which will increase your craving to play more on this laptop. Totally cool laptop, with quality screen and display. It is a wonderful and affordable choice, with the reliability of Dell.

Top 5; 2018 Acer 14″ FHD IPS Display Premium Flagship Business Chromebook-Intel Celeron Quad-Core Processor Up to 2.24Ghz, 4GB RAM, 32GB SSD, HDMI, WiFi, Bluetooth Chrome OS-(Certified Refurbished) Review

Another Acer product on the list, which is also a refurbished product. This Chromebook has also been through the processes such as testing, cleaning, inspection etc. This product provides an eminent speed of 2.4GHz on the Intel Celeron Quad-core processor. It is a high-performance product, which is great in all the functionalities. It also has a backlight display, which gives it a very cool and appealing effect. The screen size is 14 inch, which is not so small or big, but it is lesser than the conventional laptops. It has the unique facility, which allows you to open or edit the MS Office files with the help of a free embedded quick office editor and it is totally free of cost.


  • Aluminium chassis supports the body of the Chromebook.
  • Performance is great, efficient and multitasking.
  • RAM capacity of 4GB, absolutely amazing.
  • The display is vibrant, and it has 1090 x 1080 resolution.
  • Battery life is stunning and long, and the Audio quality is appreciable.


  • The keyboard of this Chromebook is too shallow.
  • The performance of the processor is limited.

Bottom Line

This Acer Chromebook is a good buy at such a cheap cost. This product is capable of providing good services and performance, which is mostly required by the users. Th RAM storage will allow the user to install and keep their favorite applications in one place. Overall, it is a good product for light work.

Top 6; Samsung Chromebook 3 XE500C13-K03US – 11.6 HD – Celeron N3060 – 4GB – 32GB SSD-Black Review

This Samsung Chromebook is known for its tiny screen of 11 inches, which looks much more appealing with the LED-backlight HD Widescreen Display. This tiny Chromebook is so adorable and beneficial at the same time. The Inter Celeron dual-core processor has 1.6GHZ speed along with a great storage of the RAM, which is 4GB. The black color on this Chromebook, makes it look more ravishing and unique. This product is very affordable at a great price. If you do not want to spend 200 dollars, this is a great choice, in the range of 200 dollars, which you can easily afford. The physical design of this Chromebook is aesthetically appealing.


  • The affordable product at a cheap price.
  • The reliability of the title, Samsung.
  • The design of this Chromebook is sleek and light.
  • Performance is absolutely stunning, without any compromise with the battery.
  • Battery life is extremely good of this Chromebook.


  • Offline access.
  • The general storage of this product is less.

Bottom Line

The Samsung Chromebook is a tiny one, but it is so much more than just its size. It has a huge 4GB Ram, which supports it giving best performance and processing of data. The small size is also a designer, as the body of this product is sleek and light.

Top 7; Acer 15.6″ Chromebook Celeron N3060 Dual-Core 1.6GHz 2GB RAM 16GB Flash ChromeOS (Certified Refurbished) Review

This Acer Chromebook is amazing. It has a built-in memory card which is very supportive of the digital photography. You can easily download your favorite applications and games, from the Google play store, directly, without any other or third-party help. Size of the display is 15.1 inch, which is acceptable. This product is also available in two more display options of the 11-inch screen and 13-inch screen. This Chromebook is powered by the Intel Celeron N3060 processor with 1.6GHz speed. The RAM capacity of this product is as less as 2GB. Th most unique aspect of this Chromebook is that it is affordable, portable and it has streamlined functionality.


  • Battery life is a plus point.
  • The display is 15 inch, which is a total steal at a cheap price.
  • The Dual-band 802.11ac wireless functionality helps in keeping you online, even if the connection is lost.


  • Design and structure of this particular Chromebook are not so great.
  • The resolution is not HD, hence quite grainy with 1366 x 768.

Bottom Line

This Acer Chromebook is not among the prettiest and most adorable Chromebooks, we have been discussing. Although it does have some great features, which make is stand separate and superior from the other laptops of its range. It has a pretty big 15-inch display with a blessing of long battery life, that is more important than the look and feel.

Top 8; HP Chromebook 11 Touchscreen, 4GB RAM, 16GB eMMC with Chrome OS Review

The HP Chromebook 11 has the unique feature of the touchscreen, which is very amusing and fascinating for the users. The product is highly durable, and the keyboard has the ability to save itself from any type of spills on it. Android enabled applications are easily compatible with this product. This is a steal, as people love many apps on their phone. Now, the apps you like can be accessed on the Chromebook. The product is extremely simple to use and so anyone can give it a try. Also, this product provides safety and security to the data, available in it. This HP Chromebook has the reliability of the brand and the operating system has the most amazing user interface, which makes working on it, more interesting.


  • The product is affordable and a great buy at such a low price.
  • Design of this Chromebook is sleek, and the display is amazing.
  • Build quality of the product is imminent.
  • Touchscreen feature is itself an advantage.
  • The keyboard is decent and comfortable, with an accurate trackpad.


  • Battery life is a downside.
  • There are no slots for external SD card.

Bottom Line

Touchscreen feature of this Chromebook is the most advanced features, as compared to the other laptops in this price range. Although the battery life is not that long, it is still a very good buy at such a low price. It provides protection to your personal data, it is simple to use and along with the comfortable keyboard and elegant design. It is a steal.

Top 9; Samsung XE500C13 High-Performance Chromebook computer, Intel Dual-Core Celeron N3060 up to 2.48GHz, 11.6 inches WLED HD Display, 4GB DDR3, 32GB eMMC, 802.11ac, HDMI, Chrome OS, BlackReview

This Samsung is third in a row, from the manufacturers, Samsung. The reason is the reliability and powerful production of the Samsung. Although this Chromebook is tiny and has a small display of 11 inches. The Intel Celeron dual-core processor is inbuilt in this product, which has a speed of 1.6GHz. With 4GB of RAM, this product has a reason, why it is on the list. The processing power of this Samsung Chromebook is very good. The product has a beautiful, sleek and slim design, the product looks perfect and the black color makes it more appealing before any other Chromebook. This product is a good replacement for many of the expensive laptops.


  • Display of the tiny Chromebook is absolutely excellent.
  • The performance is good and satisfying.
  • The product is light-weighted, and the design is very thin.
  • The battery backup is wonderful, and it can last all day.
  • This Chromebook allows a wide range of applications which are accessible from the play store.


  • The keypad and the quality of touchpad will remind you, why this product is under your budget.
  • Speaker quality is not great.

Bottom Line

Samsung Chromebook is also another tiny product in the category of the best cheap Chromebooks under 200 dollars. This small Chromebook also has a sleek and thin design, which makes it appear slim and light. With great battery backup, this is an ideal buy for the users. Although, the speakers are not that great, what is more, important is the efficiency of work, and this tiny Chromebook gives that.

Top 10; Newest HP 14-inch Chromebook HD SVA (1366 x 768) Display, Intel Dual Core Celeron N2840 2.16GHz, 4GB DD3L RAM, 16GB eMMc Hard Drive, Bluetooth, HDMI, Stereo speakers, HD Webcam, Google Chrome OS Review

This HP Chromebook has Intel Celeron dual-core processor, which provides a speed of 2.16GHZ. This speed is so much better than a few Chromebooks we have discussed earlier. It has an impressive RAM storage of 4GB. The screen display is 14-inch, that also has a WLED-backlit feature. The graphics used in this Chromebook are totally HD. Battery life is up to 9 hour, pretty great and reliable. You can take this Chromebook to anywhere you go and do not have a headache to carry a cable for charging.


  • This Chromebook has a very snappy performance.
  • Speakers of this product are good and decent.
  • There are many options of color in the Chromebook.
  • It has a bigger display than most of the other Chromebooks.
  • The cost of this product is low; hence it is affordable.


  • The keyboard of this Chromebook has a poor layout.
  • Trackpad does not have great quality.

Bottom Line

With 2.16GHz, this HP Chromebook gives a fast pace and a better processing and performance. RAM storage of this product is 4GB, which lets you keep all your favorite application. The battery life of the HP Chromebook 14 is very long and so makes it a reliable product. This is the last Chromebook in the list of the best cheap Chromebooks under 200 dollars.

Top 5 Picks: Our Opinion

The Chromebooks are absolutely one of the trendiest ways, that allows a lot of things which a simple computer can assist you with. These Chromebooks are suitable for every type of user, be it a kid or an adult. Even the aged people are also getting attracted towards the popularity of these Chromebooks. This product is very famous, and many people have replaced their old laptops with the Windows and Mac Operating System with the Chrome Operating System. This has brought a lot of change and nascence or novelty to the electronic world. In our opinion, the top 5 Chromebooks are great for performing operations. Everything has some disadvantages, but the advantages play the most significant role. The top 5 picks are the Asus Chromebook (Top 1), the Samsung Chromebook (Top 6), the HP Chromebook 11 (Top 8), the Acer Flagship (Top 2) and the last one which is in our list of the top five picks is the Acer 14 (Top 5).

Tips you should know

Before you buy any Chromebook, make sure that your budget and needs should be proportionate. So, set a proper budget and focus on your needs. It is always a good option to do some research on your own. DO not blindly rely on the advice of people. Instead, try to contact the experts who have enough knowledge about that product you want to buy. Stick to your requirements and spend some time on the Internet, so that you can understand the functionality of the Chromebooks easily. You do not want to go blank in front of the seller, so have proper information, for the sake of your needs and money.

Best Cheap Chromebooks under 200 dollars: Ultimate Guide

The only ultimate rule to buy the best cheap Chromebooks under 200 dollars is to a lot of research. If you can then go a little down or up, to see the products. If you get something incredible at a low cost that great, and even if you get something better in a little high price, that will be worth it. Make a list of your needs and accordingly, research about it and then shop.


We hope that the article has helped you in understanding the Chromebooks, the different products available and their features. Now it is up to you, so don’t waste your time and buy the one which suits you best. Always remember to give heeds to the important functionalities and factors over the style and look of the product. All the best guys.