Best Gaming Station Computer Desk: Buyer’s Guide(2018 Updated)

Console or pc gaming has become a very important part of the gaming industry. With the latest technological advancements such as the play station and the Xbox, our gaming industry has come a long way. Gaming has become a lifestyle for the young generation. It is one of the most popular forms of entertainment among youngsters.

Youngsters, nowadays, spend hours gaming. These long hours of gaming require comfort to enjoy the long gaming sessions.  A Gaming Station Computer Desk is a perfect solution to this problem. It not only provides comfort but also makes it possible to manage all the gaming accessories without any confusion. It adds to the style of the room and can be used as a multipurpose desk too.

5 Best Gaming Station Computer Desks

Here we are presenting to you the list of the 5 best gaming station computer desks for the year 2018. These desks will ensure that long hours of gaming no more feel like a burden. It will provide you with every bit of comfort. These attractive desks will easily blend with the design of your gaming area and add to the charm and décor of your room. Managing your accessories will not be a hassle anymore with this wonderful product.

Workflow: How we Picked & Tested

This list has been made very elaborately and after a lot of hard work. We have our team of experts and professionals appointed for this work. Our experts have done a lot of research and hard work to find what is the best for you. They have themselves tried and tested the products to ensure that you are supplied with the correct information and face no discomfort while using the product.

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You may be thinking why should you trust us? So let me tell you that we have the best and most experienced experts who work for you. We work for our readers to ensure that they don’t have to spend hours searching what is the best for them. We already have the work done for you.

5 Best Gaming Station Computer Desk 2018

The market is full of Gaming Station Computer Desks and often buyers are confused as to which one they should buy. In this section, we have listed 5 of the markets best Gaming Station Computer Desks of the year 2018. These products have been listed under the recommendation of industry experts who have conducted extensive research, tried and tested the products themselves

Green Forest L-Shape Corner Computer Office Desk PC Laptop Table Workstation Home Office 3-Piece, Black


One of the best in the market is the Green Forest L-Shape Corner Computer Office Desk PC Laptop Table Workstation. Extremely sleek and stylish, this workstation is extremely efficient. Reasonably priced, this computer station is ideal for a room short of space, still not making it look too cramped up. Overall dimensions are 58.1‘’in length, 44.3″ in width, 29.13″ in height and 19.1 inches in depth. The package includes necessary assembling tools and simple instructions.


  • Made from MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) which gives the station a classy and finished look while keeping it strong and durable.
  • 3 piece desk that is easily movable, space saving and can be arranged for your convenience.
  • Very stable due to its sturdy frame making it a steady and secure workspace.
  • The Adjustable height feature is an added bonus for convenience.


  • Shifting the desk should be handled with caution as movement can lead to damages.

Bottom line:

The Green Forest L-Shape Corner Computer Office Desk PC Laptop Table Workstation is by far the best on the market. For the price, the offerings are exceptional. The quality and edgy look of the product is a complete value for money.

L-Shaped Computer Desk, LITTLE TREE 60″ Large Corner Desk PC Laptop Study Gaming Table Workstation with Sturdy X Metal Frame for Home Office, Rosewood


This gaming cum study table fits in perfectly in any ambiance be it a home or workspace. The L shape allows it to fit cozily into the corner of a room while making effective use of space. The workstation comes in the color of rosewood making it aesthetically appealing and the black metal frames that hold up the desk provide sturdiness.


  • The Open Bottom provides leg room and allows you to rest your foot on the desk.
  • The desk is made of environmental friendly particles.
  • The desk provides a wide workspace due to its two sides; there’s ample room, enough for two 27”monitors, a keyboard, speakers, printer and desktop, making it a great space saving addition.
  • It’s sleek as the wood is similar in texture to a laminated surface rather than a particle board that causes friction.


  • The workstation is a DIY model which means it has to be assembled at home, the instructions for this are complicated to understand.

Bottom Line:

The L Shaped Little Tree rosewood workstation is a great buy as it can be used in many settings, the metal frame, and the wooden top combination gives the desk a long life allowing it to be used in more than if a change is ever needed. The quality is great and the aesthetics certainly make it a decorative addition to a room.

L Shape Computer Desk Wood Table Laptop Corner Workstation Home Office Black


This workstation is an ideal computer desk. Made with high-quality material, it is classy and sleek. Matt black in color, this work desk has a slide-out keyboard tray for ease of use and convenience.  Due to its compact design, this workstation fits in any corner of a room, even if the room is relatively smaller. The overall size of the desk is 59” in length 54″ in depth and  29.53″  in height. The measurement of the keyboard tray is 19.69 length and 11.8” in depth.


  • For this reasonable price, the quality and durability of the workstation is par excellence.
  • Made using MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) that ensures stability and enables heavy duty usage.
  • Comes with an attached keyboard tray for easy use and convenience purposes.
  • Can fit two computers or laptops along with supporting accessories comfortably.


  • Unlike other products of the same category, the height of this product is standard and not adjustable.
  • Assembling instructions are not as clear and might be misunderstood.

Bottom line:

This wooden L shaped computer desk is a durable and stylish one, and also provides the user with value for money. Though not as dynamic, this is the best product if the user requires a keyboard tray extension.

Office Furniture White 2-piece Computer Desk Workstation Gaming Table Stand With Pull Out Keyboard Tray And Shelf For Placing LCD Monitor


This classic white 2 piece computer desk cum gaming workstation would be a great addition to a home or even a workplace. The white color stands out making it an ideal piece for a sophisticated, mature setting. The versatility of this workstation is wide and the top stand adds a touch of dynamics and fluidity to the piece, unlike other rigid structures. Dimension wise the computer workstation is 54.7″ in length 45.3″ in width and 39.4″ in height. The size of the table with the pull out keyboard tray is 33.5″ in length and 21.3″ in width. The desk with the top shelf is 45.3″ in length and 21.3″ in width.


  • Presence of pull out tray, as well as the top shelf, makes is versatile and stylish.
  • The white color is unique and extremely classy and sophisticated.
  • Can fit two computers of usual size as well as an LCD monitor.


  • Relatively higher priced than other products in the same category.
  • Made of an unknown material, therefore, quality may not be the best.

Bottom line:

This is the most unique and flexible gaming workstation present in the market. It is aesthetically very appealing but its efficiency and quality do not equate with the high price of the set.

WOLTU L-Shape Gaming Desktop Computer Desk Corner Computer Office Desk PC Laptop Workstation Holding 2 Monitors Black Wood

This workstation comes in multiple sizes ranging from 31.5” x 23.6” x 27.5 all the way to 48.42” x 40.55” x 28.34”. This along with its minimalist design makes this product unique as with the curve in the L shape rather than a corner. The curve provides smoothness to the design while creating more space for items such as books and a table lamp. The surface can hold two monitors or a laptop along with other items you need. This desktop comes in black wood and is a good budget item as it provides many features at reasonable prices.


  • There is ample space due to the L shape which allows you to work, study or game in comfort.
  • The desk comes with an ABS foot pad allowing you to rest your feet.
  • The weight capacity is functional as it can hold up to 200 lbs.
  • This desk is cheap compared to similar workspaces.


  • The screw holes on the desk are drilled in poorly making is hard to assemble.


This item is a good buy if you’re looking for a budget item, the price is attractive and the desk offers everything one needs for a functional workspace. The problems exist in the quality of the workspace, there are many desks that are of better quality but they would generally be more expensive.