Best Tablet Under 100: (Top Lists & Buying Guide) 2019 Updated

Tablets are the perfect devices which are known for their convenience. With the wave of options in the market to choose from, get to know about the Best Tablet Under 100 dollars. Surf through the different features like the screen size, resolution, performance of the system, battery power, and more to make an informed decision to buy the best one. Even with a limited budget, you can get a decent and well-functioning tablet. There are a lot of options for you to choose from in the range of $100. Be ready to be dazed with the various specifications, features, and performance you can get even with a tight budget. Read along to find out more about the best tablets on the market right now.

The games you can play with a tablet in this range

With a reliable and extended battery back up in the tablets under 100$, you can get a great range of choices to choose from. These tablets can readily handle a set of games that you might want to play on the device. A decent tablet can handle high-end games, it should give a smooth performance.

Get the games that you can play with tablets under 100$:

Even though tablets under 100$ might not sound capable enough to play games on it, there are several high-end games that you can enjoy on a tablet falling under this price range. Tablets under 100$ come with the latest technology and features that make them stand out from the crowd. Games like Subway Surfers, Temple Run, and even the popular game Angry Bird can be played easily on these budget tablets.

Specifications that come packed in this price range:

Even within the budget range, the tablet choices in the given price do not shy away from flaunting their decent specifications. Most of the devices are equipped with more than 1 GB of RAM for smooth functioning with about 16 GB of internal storage for all your apps and games. They also come with an option for expandable memory in case of Android and Windows tablets. With a decent camera that most of them feature, these won’t be a disappointment.

The best tablet you can get under 100$

With a range of choices under this range, we are going to help you find the best fit. Get the best tablet under 100$ with our easy guide which comes with all the basic information, pros, and cons to help you make an informed decision. Among the cheap tablet options, there are some good and efficient investment options for tablets which can give you the right value for your money.

How we picked these top picks:

With this guide, you will find the best cheap tablets under 100$. We made these tablets go through a rigorous test process based on customer reviews, features, performance, visual quality, and more. Go through these amazing top picks to make your decision even easier.

  1. Fire HD 8 Tablet with Alexa
  2. Apple iPad 2
  3. Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7 Inch
  4. Lenovo Tab 4 8
  5. ASUS Zenpad 8 Dark Gray 8 Inch

How will we make sure that you Trust Us

Our tested reviews about the budget tablets give you definite and detailed information about their specifications and functions. We are here to make sure that you get the best for what you are investing in. With these accurate details, make an informed decision on which tablet will suit your requirements.

Detailed In-Depth Reviews of the Best Tablet Under 100$

Under the 100$ range, there are quite a number of tablets you can choose from. To make your choice even easier, we have made a detailed review of the tablets that stand out in this range. With tested results, surf through the collection of these budget tablets.

Top 1: Amazon Fire HD 8 Tablet with Alexa Reviews

The Amazon Fire HD 8 stands out in the given range of 100 dollars. It comes with an amazing 8-inch screen which is high-definition to give a superb quality of visuals. The tablet also features a great battery life for longer functionality.

The performance offered by the Amazon Fire HD 8 is exceptional and flaunts its features with its fast and responsive system. It comes with a 1.3 GHz of a quad-core processor which offers a fast performance. The front-facing camera is 2 MP and the rear facing camera can be used to record high-quality videos of 720p. The overall display of the tablet gives high-definition visuals for you to enjoy proper entertainment and gaming without any hindrance due to the IPS LCD display.


The price range for the device makes it very appealing and of a good value.

The battery life is good.

The prime integration is good.


The interface can be ad-riddled, which makes functioning a little annoying.

The navigation can be slow.

The cameras aren’t that good.

Why is it the top pick?

The Amazon Fire HD 8 stands out to be the top pick due to its exceptional features with a decent performance review and a great battery life. Although the camera is only average and the Fire OS might not be that comfortable to use. Even with that, this decent performing device is good enough for the given price range.

Top 2: Apple iPad 2 Reviews

The Apple iPad 2 comes packed with the A5 dual-core CPU with a crisp display owing to its 1024x768p resolution, which comes with a 132 PPI to give quality visuals. The tablet is the slimmest in the range and boasts about its amazing outer look. The design flaunts out the tablet with a collection of unique features inside.

The user interface is smooth to surf through and the device is fast and responsive. It comes with the iOS 4.3 version which has many improvements. The screen is smudge resistant, to avoid any annoying marks. The performance output is good for the given price range. The Apple App Store in it offers a wide range of applications. The viewing angles offered by this is outstanding. The battery life is long with a 10hour limit and the camera video recorder can capture 720p videos.


The design of the tablet is exceptional.

It comes with a long battery life.

The screen gives protection from smudges.


The screen does not come with retina.

There is no flash.

The overall performance is alright.

Why is it the top pick?

The Apple iPad 2 is a good choice for a buy in this price range as it comes with well-functioning features. It is probably the easiest choice to make with the given budget. The screen resolution stands up to give a good quality visually. If you are okay with the overall performance, then go for it.

Top 3: Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7 Inch Reviews

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7 inches come with the sleek design which is compact and lightweight. The casing comes with a plastic design which is a non-slip back providing more stability over the hold. The cameras provide decent quality pictures even with the low resolution.

The tablet comes with a good and basic navigation panel. It offers smooth experience over the interface without any hurdles. The storage capacity of 8GB can be a little less but it can be mended by using a microSD card which increases the storage space. The rear camera is a 5 MP which takes decent pictures. The front camera is a 2 MP one which can let you take good selfies and is suitable enough for video calls. It comes packed with an entry level of the quad-core processor. The RAM in this device is 1.5GB.


The display with a good range of settings is decent.

Good enough for the given price range.

The battery life is long, lasting up to 11 hours.


The internal storage space is very less.

The placement of the micro USB port is not suitable.

Why is it the top pick?

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7 can be a decent buy given the price range. It comes packed with a good set of visuals and performance that you would expect in the range. Except for the internal storage menace, which can be made right with the help of a microSD card, this serves to be a good choice for a tablet.

Top 4: Lenovo Tab 4 8 Reviews

The Lenovo Tab 4 8 is a powerful contender in this range with its powerful 1.4GHz of a quad-core processor. With a 2GB of RAM, it gives a smooth performing device. The internal storage is 16GB which can be readily expanded to 128 GB with the help of a microSD card.

The tablet is a good choice for the given price range with a decent performance. The quality display makes it stand out with a good quality audio and camera. The camera comes with a 5 MP for the rear and 2 MP for the front camera, this gives good results. It comes packed with efficient Google Apps. The bright display can be a really good choice for the given value of the device.


The battery life is commendable.

The performance of the device for the given price range is good.

The display is crisp and colorful.


The front camera could have been better.

The device is not suitable for heavy and professional use.

Why is it the top pick?

The Lenovo Tab 4 8 is a decent choice in the given range. It comes with a good battery life and offers quality performance for light use and media viewing. The tablet comes packed with the Google App Suite which can be very useful. If you want a good performing device in the given price range, you should consider this.

Top 5: ASUS ZenPad 8 Reviews

The ASUS ZenPad 8 stands as an exciting contender in the list. The tablet flaunts its stylish design and looks with a compact size. It makes a good impression of its performance and visual quality. There are a number of settings to adjust the given color ranges.

The tablet is an exceptional choice for the given price range overall. The screen quality is commendable with good visuals. The device runs on the Android version 5.0.2 with the ZenUI. The tablet is powered by the quad-core of Intel Atom X3 processor. The rear camera comes with a 5 MP capturing system and the front camera comes with a 2 MP. It comes packed with a RAM of 1 GB which gives a good performing system.


The appearance of the interface can be easily customized.

The device comes with an expandable storage.

The screen quality is good.


The screen resolution is not that good.

The charging time of the device is long.

The battery life is disappointing.

Why is it the top pick?

The ASUS ZenPad 8 comes to give a good performance with impressive results. It stands to be a good contender in the given price range which can outshine its competitors. Apart from its battery life, it certainly is one of the best tablets in the range with its smooth performance.

What’s the verdict from these Top 5 picks

Among these top 5 picks of the best tablets under 100$, there is a lot to consider. Depending upon your choice of requirements and needs, you can go for the best performing device that can be the Amazon Fire HD 8 if you want your tablet to handle a heavy workload. If you want a good performing camera among the bunch, then you can simply go for the Apple iPad 2, which comes to be the most decent in the given price range. With more convenience and portability factors, the decision is on you.

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The Final Verdict

Searching for the best tablet under 100$ is easier with our guide. Surf along to find the best features, camera quality and top-tier devices in the given price range. With excellent performing devices and screen quality, we hope we helped you make an informed decision to get the best tablet.