CPU Hierarchy: Intel & AMD Processor Tier,Table,Lists(2018 Updated)

When you look out to create a gaming PC there are a lot of components associated to it and CPU is evidently the most important part any PC. Variety is for sure a good thing but sometimes it acts like a curse when there is so much to chose from, you probably end up getting confused. So, if you are also looking for a CPU for your gaming PC or for any other purpose but can’t decide in which category you should look forward to finding your ideal model. Then this article is hopefully going to be helpful for you in which we will talk about CPU hierarchy.

CPU hierarchy

Tips & Thought: CPU Hierarchy

There is two big company who made processors they are Intel and AMD. Before you ahead and real the about Desktop CPU Hierarchy and Laptop CPU hierarchy differently I first have a few tips for you. So, that you can buy better and easily first thing you need to know is your needs. You should be clear about the purpose for which you want a CPU. If you are looking for a school or work purpose or even a casual gamer then you can invest in something with average performance and affordable. If you are true gamers and ready to create a hole in your pockets then you should go for some high-end products. AYou be clear about your need and budget.

Top CPU Performance Hierarchy Table

Now as you are clear about few things like your requirements and budget you may think that now buying a CPU would be easy. But as soon as you will step into the market you will be confused in way too many products. So, we have created this hierarchy where we have decided the products in five categories. As you go down the list the performance and price decreases. But they are true performers for their price and are toppers in their respective category.

Part#1 CPU Hierarchy 2018: 5 Tier

So, in this first part of the article, we have divided some top CPUs into five different categories. All the buyers prefer comparing products before they buy and here you can compare them easily. So, let’s get straight into it.

Tier 1: The Absolute Best

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  1. Intel Core i9-7980XE
  2. Intel Core i9-7960X
  3. Intel Core i9-7940X
  4. Intel Core i9-7920X
  5. Intel Core i9-7900 X
  6. Ryzen Threadripper 1950X
  7. Ryzen Threadripper 1920X
  8. Ryzen Threadripper 1900X

About these ‘Absolute Best’ CPU

Well, Intel has ‘the brand’ when it comes to CPU and the list proves it. In this absolute best category, the CPUs present is those which best in class in every sense expect the price point of view. They all the best performers in the race of CPUs so they are worthy of their high price. Their base clock speed varies from 2.8-4 GHz so you can imagine their performance, core count and high-speed. They deliver unmatched power with the most powerful processors. They best fit in workstations and for the marathon gamers for whom good processor is a priority and not the price. AMD is also giving a tough competition to Intel with their affordable solutions as compared to Intel.

Tier 2: Superb Performance

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  1. Intel Core i7-8700K
  2. Intel Core i7-8700
  3. Ryzen 7 2700X
  4. Ryzen 7 2700

About these ‘Superb performance’ CPU

In the second tier, the products we have are more about good performance and affordable price. However, the price is not that affordable and they are also good performers but not as good as those in the first tier. They offer high core counts and good clock speed. In this tier also there is an option from both Intel and AMD. These are also suitable for gaming as well as workstations. For an average gamer, these CPUs are totally going to be overkill. For professional gamers also they be will consider as ‘good’. With the release of Ruzen 7 models, AMD has taken themselves to one level up and giving some serious competition to Intel.

Tier 3 – Good Performance at Reasonable Prices

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  1. Intel Core i5-8600K
  2. Intel Core i3-8350K
  3. Ryzen 5 2600X
  4. Intel Core i5-8400
  5. Ryzen 5 2600

About this ‘Good Performance at Reasonable Prices’ CPU

Now we have reached the middle of the pyramid being on the third tier of this hierarchy. The products in the third tier are the most famous among people in the market. Because they are both good performance and affordable price. The combination is deadly and they value for money. So, here again, we can see tough competition between Intel and AMD. These are best fits for gaming purpose and popular among gamers. The CPUs in this category offers a higher number of cores with reasonable price. With the release for Ryzen 5 in mid of 2017, the AMD has maintained their competition with Intel in this tier too.

Tier 4 – Great Value for Those on a Budget

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  1. Intel Core i3-8100
  2. Ryzen 5 2400G
  3. Ryzen 3 2200G

About these ‘Great Value for those on budget’ CPUs

In the fourth tier, the performance of CPUs you will find here is not as good as those of in the third tier but the price drop is large. The CPUs in this tier will perform along with mid-range and performance graphics only. So, you need to check the compatibility of your graphics unit with the CPU also. They will fit in for casual gamers but in some cases, you can use them for high gaming purpose also. But you can’t think of their competition with the CPUs in upper tiers. The AMD products earlier their  FX CPUs can’t compete with the Intel in this tier, then with the release of their Ryzen 3 and following by Ryzen 5 they have totally made up to this category. And the war is still on between Intel and AMD.

Tier 5 – Affordable Solutions for the Less Demanding Gamer

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  1. Intel Pentium G4620
  2. Intel Pentium G4600
  3. Intel Pentium G4560

About these Affordable CPUs

So, they are the ones with the least price range but still somewhere fits for gaming purpose. You can’t expect much from them as the performance has been decreased much to this level of the hierarchy. But they are fine for gamers who do just graphically light and less processor involving gaming. They are also fit for office computers and maybe for casual home purposes. Well, the AMD’s A series worked well for basic computer purpose but nowhere fits for a gaming PC. So, the war is finally off in this tier between AMD and Intel.

Part #2  Desktop & Laptop CPU Hierarchy Lists (Updated)

Now there are different process and requirements associated with the CPUs need to be chosen for a desktop or a laptop. In the next sections, we will talk about them specifically. This will be more helpful in the installation process of the updated CPUs or maybe if you are buying a new gaming device.

Desktop CPU Hierarchy

Choosing a CPU for your gaming PC requires the basic information of specifications you need in your CPU for best performance. The specifications such as a number of cores, boost speed, clock speed, thermal design power, cache and a few other things. You need to match the performance of your GPU with CPU because not all pairs of GPU and CPU are compatible with each other. Then you can go through the desktop CPU hierarchy and in your best-suited heading of any tier, you can choose the CPU and then compare them other and find its compatibility with your device and you are done.

Laptop CPU Hierarchy

Now, if you are buying a new laptop then you can easily look up to the specifications you need to check on the processor provided in the laptop. Specifications such as a number of cores, hyperthreading, clock speed, boost speed. And you can refer any of the laptops mentioned in laptop CPU hierarchy as per your requirement. And if you are upgrading the CPU of you old laptop then I should tell first the process is complicated I recommend don’t do it yourself. Aks for a professional help instead. You need to see the compatibility of your new CPU with the graphics in your old laptop and then choose accordingly.

CPU Roundup Time:

Now rounding up the article, I will mention some CPU which are best in all cases and then we will discuss in detail about a few of them. This helps you more if you can’t find your suitable tier in the hierarchy then you can totally recommend this part to choose from a single list of best CPU. As the list goes the down, the performance and price also go down.

Quick tips

  1. Intel Core i9-7980XE
  2. Intel Core i9-7960X
  3. Intel Core i9-7940X
  4. Intel Core i9-7920X
  5. Intel Core i9-7900 X
  6. Ryzen Threadripper 1950X
  7. Ryzen Threadripper 1920X
  8. Ryzen Threadripper 1900X
  9. Intel Core i7-8700K
  10. Intel Core i7-8700
  11. Ryzen 7 2700X
  12. Ryzen 7 2700
  13. Intel Core i5-8600K
  14. Intel Core i3-8350K
  15. Ryzen 5 2600X

Intel i5 Roundup

The secondly released i-series by Intel processor was i5 are all features quad four processors except i5-457OT  which is still a dual-core processor. They possess a standard clock speed for core i5 which is 2.9GHz.They are equipped with latest turbo boost 2.0 and have either 4MB or 6MB of cache memory. The i5s are mediocre they are not as good as i7 but better performers than i3.

Intel i7 Roundup

The winner performers between i3, i5, and i7, the Intel i5 has a minimum 6MB cache memories in the processors in this category. They are quad-core processors and supports hyperthreading. Also, few o they are engaged with an 8MB cache memory and all of them have turbo boost technology.

Intel i3 Roundup

The most affordable option in i-series by Intel. The i-3s are dual-core process without turbo boost technology and doesn’t’ support hyperthreading. They have 2-4 MB of cache memory. And hence the clock speed is less as the turbo boost is not present. They were the first released by Intel in their i-series and you can’t expect the best performance from them but suits casual gamers and low-budget pockets.

AMD Processor Roundup

AMD processors are giving tough competitions to Intel now. They have been launching products to match every category of Intel so far. Also, they have affordable options too. But they don’t have affordable options in gaming requirement. Their A series were suitable for casual computer use but they still have to launch something to fit in a cheap gaming purpose.

How To Build A Gaming PC

To build a gaming PC there are a lot of components you need to set right for gaming purpose such as good qualities of the processor, RAM, graphics, screen quality. Hre I will talk about the things you need to keep in mind for a CPU. Firstly, don’t fight in between AMD or INTEL then the things will become difficult just go for the specifications. You should know that clock speed matters more than the core number. Try to get the latest generation processor, if your budget is low still find something new which is affordable. Check the compatibility with GPU.

Best CPU For Gaming

There are many varieties out there bt for current scenario of CPUs in 2018 I would say Intel’s core 15-8400 is the best CPU today for mid range. As it is true for its value and a true performer in almost every aspect. Also, would suit in pockets of more people. Also, AMD’s 2000 series chips made their game strong in 2018 with products such as Ryzen 7 2700X. And intel core i-7 series are absolute best ones.

Intel & AMD Processor Hierarchy

Intel and AMD are both reliable and trustworthy brands in the field of CPUs. They are in the market for a long time and giving competitions to each other by launch products in every quarter of a year. However, this is beneficial for users. So, I will say go on the specifications and budget rather than choosing a specific brand.

The CPU of Tomorrow

The technology today feels like so advanced and there is still a lot to come. The CPUs today are already so fast and the performers. The gaming industries have totally risen their game up a lot in the past few years. They are launching products we can’t even think about it a decade ago. But there is still a lot to come as gamers are demanding more.

The Final Verdict

So, this was our CPU hierarchy for 2018 containing best CPUs so far in every category a customer could be in. Ranging from bests for professional to the affordable option for beginners or low-budget gamers we tried to cover them all. At last, I would say that go with your requirements and choose wisely what suits you. You are definitely not required to break your banks for a better processor. Because there are options in every requirement and price range.