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Genshin Impact: A Study in Potions Dusty Wrack Event Guide

A new event is available in Genshin Impact Version 2.4. In this event, you need to help out Timaeus to create the Smoldersleet Elixir. To begin the event, you just need to head to Mondstadt and talk to Timaeus by the crafting bench.

Timaeus seeks out to create the Smoldersleet Elixir but is unable to at the moment. To seek out help, follow Timaeus to Liyue where you’ll need to speak to the Elixir Artificer.

Screenshot by Gamepur

You have to talk to some NPCs to get the Elixir Artificer’s location.

Screenshot by Gamepur
Screenshot by Gamepur

Eventually, you’ll make your way to Ying’er, who reveals that she’s the Elixir Artificer. She also reveals that the Smoldersleet Elixir is just a perfume, meaning Timaeus’ research is ultimately meaningless. She does, however, encourage him to make perfumes to gain inspiration.

Timaeus will successfully create some energizing perfumes that he calls Smoldersleet Potions. He then requests that you head to a domain to test out the effects.

The domain is located near Mt. Tianheng, located below:

Screenshot by Gamepur

Each domain has four stages of challenges that you can select in any order. When you clear a stage, the difficulty of the other stages increases in difficulty. For the sake of simplicity, this guide will cover the stages from Stage 1 to Stage 4.

Defeat all the opponents within a given time limit to complete the challenge. The faster you finish, the better your score. And the better your score, the better your rewards.

Here are the requirements for Stage 1. You can choose to increase the difficulty of the enemies in the Accurate Sample menu, increasing the points you get.

Screenshot by Gamepur

You can also choose to use Trial Characters for the challenge, although they will not count towards your Elemental Resonance. You can also equip potions that will provide your characters with certain buffs. Be sure to equip 3. Note: The characters you choose will temporarily be on standby. This means if you choose a team for Stage 1, you cannot reuse them for Stage 2. This goes for potions as well.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Here are the enemies for Stage 2:

Screenshot by Gamepur

Here are the enemies for Stage 3:

Screenshot by Gamepur

Here are the enemies for Stage 4:

Screenshot by Gamepur

Each day of the event also has a set of challenges to complete which rewards you with Primogems and other rewards. Here is the list for the Dusty Wrack challenges:

Screenshot by Gamepur
Screenshot by Gamepur

You’ll need to get Silver Medals to get all the Primogems. Be sure to utilize the Trial Characters if your own are too weak. Complete the Dusty Wrack set of challenges and then head to the Sealed Ruins.

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