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Jaguars owner Shad Khan won’t be ‘impulsive’ or act ‘helter-skelter’ deciding Urban Meyer’s future

Jacksonville Jaguars owner Shad Khan has no plans to make any hasty decisions about the future of coach Urban Meyer.

“I’m not impulsive,” Khan told reporters Monday night, via the Associated Press. “I learned that a long time ago with anything that’s this important you don’t want to be impulsive. You want to look at exactly what I know first-hand, what people are telling me and then collect that and do the right thing.”

Khan said he wouldn’t act “helter-skelter on emotion” after the team’s first shutout loss of his ownership. Khan noted that he was patient with previous coaches Gus Bradley and Doug Marrone, who each got four years in Jacksonville.

“I think we have a history of looking at the facts and doing the right thing,” Khan said. “Wins and losses, this is a little bit different. I’m going to reflect on all of that and do what’s the right thing for the team and the right thing for the city.”

On Monday, Khan met with players, coaches, and the club’s business department before hosting 20 media members on his superyacht in Jacksonville. The meetings were preplanned, per the AP, before the latest swirl of controversy swept through Duval.

Over the weekend, NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero reported the Meyer-induced strife in Jacksonville that has both players and assistant coaches on edge. While Meyer has denied certain aspects of the report, it’s clear the first-time NFL coach has brought a raincloud to Jacksonville.

“What concerns me is obviously wins and losses,” Khan said. “But, hey, we’re sitting here, we haven’t had a lot of wins. What’s different about this thing is you have losses and you have drama. In the past, it was like, you were, ‘It’s like the lowly Jaguars’ and everyone left you alone. Now, the scrutiny we have is really something different.

“So how much of that is we’re bringing it upon ourselves or how much of that is deserved? In this case, Urban, he won wherever he was. This is something he’s never dealt with. And when you win in football, you create enemies. The only way you can really deal with that is you got to win again. I wish there was a panacea.”

The 2-11 Jaguars were officially eliminated from playoff contention with their fifth straight loss. It was the first time the Jags were shut out since Week 5, 2009, versus Seattle. The Jaguars’ 13.8 points ranks 31st in the NFL this season (worst in franchise history).

The 64 points scored over their previous seven games are their fewest in any seven-game span in franchise history. They’re averaging 9.1 PPG over the span (worst in NFL).

“The plan is you need to start winning now and tell me what you need and that’s what we’re going to do,” Khan said. “I feel we have a roster that is far better than winning two games.”

Maybe the roster is “far better” than two wins. But is the coach?

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