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The Best Christmas Movies Streaming on Hulu

Although the pandemic has irreversibly changed just about every aspect of our lives, one thing is still sacred: binging holiday movies. There’s nothing like distracting yourself from the blistering cold or stressful family get togethers than watching someone learn the supposed true meaning of Christmas, or watching an hour and a half movie of actors doing literally anything around the holiday season. It’s the perfect distraction from all the chaos going on in the outside world.

Any decent Christmas movie list can’t all be romantic comedies and family-friendly stories about Santa Claus. We’ve all seen those kinds of movies enough to know exactly what’s going to happen before the end. No offense to the Hallmark Moviemaking Machine, but holiday movies are more than meet-cutes and mistletoe kisses. Sometimes you want a gritty action-thriller like Die Hard, or a horror movie serving more holiday scares than cheer like Krampus.

And that’s exactly what we did. Hulu’s got movies for every type of Christmas film fan there is. The whole family can enjoy A Very Brady Christmas or Arthur Christmas, your mother can enjoy her winter rom-coms with Happiest Season, Married By Christmas or The Christmas Switch, and the Christmas grinch in your family can still celebrate the holidays with unexpected movies around the holiday season, like The Nice Guys. That’s right. Just because a movie’s not about Christmas, doesn’t mean it’s not a Christmas movie.

Here are 25 Christmas movies on Hulu you can watch right now.

A Very Brady Christmas

When Mike and Carol Brady pool their vacation savings to bring the kids home for the holidays, the Brady Bunch—and their new families—come together in this cheerful holiday special starring one of America’s most beloved families.

Stream it here

Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale

Take everything you know about Santa and flip it. In Northern Finland, archeologists have dug up Santa Claus, but not the one we all know and love. We’ll save you from any spoilers, but we’d say this isn’t one to play for the whole family (unless yours is the adventurous kind).

Stream it here

Back to Christmas

This year, Ali isn’t feeling the Christmas spirit. But when she wakes up one morning only to realize she’s reliving a past Christmas, she has the opportunity to change her love life forever. (We’re sensing a pattern here…in any case, enjoy the rom-com and all its predicable glory).

Stream it here

The Truth About Christmas

Political consultant Jillian (Kali Hawk) is willing to do whatever it takes to be successful…including lie. But when Santa puts a “curse” on her, she has no choice but to tell the truth. Say it ain’t so!

Stream it here

Arthur Christmas

We all know that Santa has his elves to back him up, but what about Santa’s family? In this family-friendly comedy, Santa’s son, Arthur, steps in to help with delivering presents.

Stream it here

So This Is Christmas

Troubled teen Ashley (Lexi Ainsworth) is on a bad path with no intent to change her ways. When she’s given the opportunity to volunteer for a children’s Christmas play, she gets a taste of the gift of giving.

Stream it here

The Man Who Invented Christmas

Most people are familiar with the Charles Dickens’ classic, “A Christmas Carol.” In The Man Who Invented Christmas, we are introduced to the journey Dickens took to get there.

Stream it here

Girlfriends of Christmas Past

When three women plot revenge on their crummy ex-boyfriend, new romance begins to blossom. Is forgiveness the key to a happy holiday?

Stream it here

Deck the Halls

Danny Devito , Matthew Broderick, and Kristin Chenoweth star in this Christmas comedy about two men who are determined to one-up each other before the end of the holidays.

Stream it here

A Christmas Carol

In FX’s version of the classic Christmas movie, Scrooge’s journey through Christmas past, present, future is marred in horror elements. It’s darker, grittier, and instead of one movie, is split into three parts.

Stream It Here

Happiest Season

Kristen Stewart stars alongside Mackenzie Davis and Dan Levy in this popular holiday romcom about a lesbian couple, one of whom reveals she isn’t out to her family yet…just as the two plan to visit for the holidays.

Stream It Here

A Nasty Piece of Work

Part of Hulu’s horror anthology series Into the Dark, A Nasty Piece of Work is about an employee offered the chance to advance at work by participating in a violent competition.

Stream It Here


Another Into the Dark standalone, this story centers around a man named Wilson, who gets a job to wear a mascot outfit for the holiday toy Pooka. But the more he wears the suit, the stranger he feels.

Stream It Here

Jingle All the Way

Arnold Schwarzenegger stars in this holiday classic about a father who really, really, needs to get his kid the hottest action figure of the season.

Stream It Here

The Holiday

In this 2006 romantic comedy starring Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, Jack Black, and Jude Law, two women decide to house swap for the holiday season, inadvertently finding love along the way.

Stream It Here

A Christmas Carol

For a movie true to the classic tale of Scrooge, the 1984 rendition of A Christmas Carol has everything you need. Three spooky ghosts from Christmas’ past, present, and future, and a scared rich old man who needs to be taught a lesson in compassion. It’s more heartwarming than spooky, in comparison to FX’s 2019 edition.

Stream It Here

No Sleep ‘Til Christmas

This Freeform holiday movie starts off with a strange premise. Lizzie, an engaged woman, suffers from insomnia. When she meets a bartender named Billy who suffers the same issue, the two realize they can only fall asleep with each other.

Stream It Here

Married By Christmas

Two sisters realize whoever gets married gets first inherits their family’s company. If Succession was a romantic comedy, it’d probably look something like this.

Stream It Here


This horror movie takes punishing naughtiness to a whole new level. Instead of getting coal for Christmas, unruly child Max is visited by the mythical Krampus, a being who plans to teach Max, and his family a lesson.

Stream It Here

Silent Night

In this 2020 thriller, a man newly released from prison is pulled into one last job by his former cellmate. This one’s for action fans who need something a little less family-friendly.

Stream It Here

A Christmas Switch

In this Freaky Friday-like film, two women magically switch bodies to learn about the true meaning of Christmas. Oh, and of course there’s some good old-fashioned romantic comedy antics there too.

Stream It Here

The Jinkx and Dela Holiday Special

Drag queens BenDeLaCreme and Jinkx Monsoon star in a musical comedic holiday special like no other. Fans of Ru Paul’s Drag Race will love this one.

Stream It Here

The Lodge

Two kids are left in the care of their father’s new girlfriend, Grace, when he suddenly leaves for work. After a blizzard traps the group in an isolated lodge, Grace’s past returns to haunt the trio in a terrifying way.

Stream It Here

The Nice Guys

Okay, so it’s not exactly a Christmas movie. But The Nice Guys takes place around Christmastime, which is good enough for us. Besides, what better excuse to watch the Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling buddy cop film than when you’re home for the holidays with nothing to do?

Stream It Here

Solar Opposites: Holiday Special

Hulu’s new animated comedy (from Justin Roiland, the creator of Rick and Morty), Solar Opposites follows four aliens who are tasked with finding a new home planet for their race. Instead, they spend most of their time bickering and causing mayhem for the regular humans of Earth. In a special holiday episode, they all become determined to increase their Christmas cheer, which of course, goes very very wrong.

Stream It Here

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