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Watch What Happened When This Guy Did Iron Fist Training for a Week

YouTuber Brandon William has undergone a wide array of fitness ordeals on his channel, from military fitness tests to wearing a weighted vest all day. In his latest video, he takes on a full week of iron fist training, a series of conditioning techniques that originate in martial arts designed to make the hands tougher and stronger.

The challenge is laid out thusly: each day, William’s friend and cameraman Derek will select a traditional training exercise, which he must perform for no fewer than 100 reps on each side. It is his hope that by the end of the week, his “paper hands” will have hardened into iron… or, at the very least, wood.

The first exercise William attempts on Day 1 is simple: punching a bucket of sand repeatedly. “The main purpose behind this specific exercise is to toughen the skin on the knuckles,” he says. “I’m not going to lie, this did sting quite a bit… But the sand was so damp and cold that my hands went numb after 50 reps each, so completing the rest of the reps was no problem.”

On Day 2, he must punch a wooden pole that has been wrapped with rope. “This is going to destroy my hands,” he says. After consulting with a sensei at his local karate dojo on the correct technique to ensure that he can remain injury-free, he begins—and rapidly concludes that it is 20 times more painful than punching sand: “It felt like I was punching barbed wire.”

For Day 3, William must do 50 pushups on his knuckles, and then another 50 on his wrists. “This was the first exercise that would actually increase the density of my bones, and not just toughen up my skin,” he explains. “These pushups would turn out to be, by far, the most painful iron fist exercise I had done yet.”

The fourth exercise consists of 200 sandbag punches. “The pain from the sandbag was bearable,” he says, “but the harder you hit it, the denser the sand becomes, and the more it hurts.” On the fifth day, he must punch a wooden board 100 times with each hand, and this is the first time that he actually breaks the skin on his knuckles.

Things amp up on Day 6, when Derek challenges him to perform a series of punches and karate chops on a rock. “I feel like I entered a meditative state,” he says afterwards.

The seventh and final challenge combines a couple of the previous exercises, and requires William to hit a bucket full of smaller stones with his fingertips. “I closed my eyes, took some deep breaths, and just kept striking without stopping,” he says.

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