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You Can Buy Clint Barton’s ‘Thanos Was Right’ Mug From Hawkeye Right Now

2021 has seen the Marvel Cinematic Universe expand in a big way—by the end of the year, we’ll have seen four new movies and four new live-action shows, all of which directly deal with the events of Avengers: Endgame, 2019’s grand culmination of what Marvel calls “The Infinity Saga.” The catalyst of all of that was Thanos, the mighty purple villain played over the course of several appearances by Josh Brolin. And Thanos’ whole thing, in case you may have forgotten, was that he wanted to preserve the world and its resources—by wiping off half of all living life. And at a certain point, he succeeded in doing just that.

Just the kind of philosophy you want to see on a mug when you’re having a drink, right?

You may recall in the first episode of Hawkeye that Clint, in the bathroom during a performance of the Broadway production of the Avengers-themed Rogers: The Musical, looked down at the urinal and saw that someone had written “Thanos Was Right.” Now, if Clint was someone who took himself super seriously, maybe he would have been really offended. In the moment, he sure looked it; his family was entirely snapped out of existence in the opening of Avengers: Endgame, leading him to become the Ronin. He also lost close friends in Natasha Romanoff and Tony Stark as a result of Thanos’ numerous plans.

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Thanos Was Right Mug from ‘Hawkeye’

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But Clint Barton, by Episode 4 at least, is not taking himself super seriously, instead wearing the “Thanos Was Right” slogan as a badge of honor. What a ridiculous thing to say? So ridiculous that even an Avenger will use it to drink smoothies, or coffee, or whatever the hell he wants to drink out of it.

Marvel Studios

Now, we’re not necessarily endorsing the message on the mug. We’re probably more in Clint Barton’s camp, where it’s such an outrageous thing that it’s sort of an ironic love. Thanos is in contention for the best villain in the MCU (and one of the best movie villains in general over the last decade or so), so it’s certainly a fun way to pay tribute to a villain we were all happy to eventually see lose.

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And the good news is that you can also own Clint’s mug for yourself and drink ironically from it just like him. However, would not suggest following Clint’s footsteps in fighting Tracksuit Mafia members. You can leave that one to him.

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